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Despondent · Dreams

I'm D.C. bound.

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I need to get out of this stupid township.


As of a couple weeks ago, I am officially D.C. bound.  Now, August can't seem to come fast enough.  

Get me out. Get me out. Get me out.

Oh and to top it off, my parents are being ridiculous because they heard a rumor was going around that Tooch and I have a sex tape.  Nice, so now I'm under suspicion of being a lesbian.  You got to love the things I'm accused of.

Oh yes, I would also like to apologize to my parents for me not being a black-unwed-mother who just happens to be a midget who is a pro-athlete.  Because I can't find but maybe 4 scholarships that I'm actually eligible for.

- Jenny.

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stressed Ugh. I can't deal with this.
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